How do you think?

Visual sensory and audio sensory are the two most frequently used sensory systems. However, thinking is a very subjective process, because each one of us has different perceptions towards the stimuli in our environment. And,  some people are right-brain thinking, and other are left-brain thinking. Some people think logically; other creatively.

I am thinking about this question, because I tried to search the information from internet, but cannot find what I want, may be I used incorrect keywords.

I would like to discuss how do I think. I personally think “verbally”. That means, when I think, there are words in my head. The words I mean is something like sound, not the text. So, I believe that I have a high intrapersonal intelligence. Because I can communicate with my own in my head.

And when I discuss this idea to my brother and sister, and friend, they feel that I am weird. Really? I don’t think so. I thought that, everyone of us has linguistic ability. So, when we think, we will automatically think verbally, and using our own mother tongue language. For example, my mother tongue language is Mandarin, so even in my dream, I also speak Mandarin. So, that is I assume that why when we think, we will think verbally.

But, after I discussed with them, I just found that, there are people who think visually. Because I asked them, “How do you think if you plan what to eat tomorrow?” They said, there is no word in their head, just visual information. I guess, may be just like a video or a static image. But when I asked further, “How do you imagine ‘tomorrow’?” Since I think verbally, there is a word “tomorrow” in my head. And this “tomorrow” is so semantic and abstract, how do this “tomorrow” represented in visual information?

My friend told me, there is no “tomorrow” in the visual thinking in her head. So, I feel so weird about this visual thinking.

Actually, I can also think visually by using imagination. But my primary thinking method is verbal way. So, how do you think?

2 thoughts on “How do you think?

  1. i got say you weird meh?
    anyway, submitted my poll, like you said, what to eat, immediately it’s the picture of the food…
    but if 思考,then, it’s verbal…,

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