Playing games with Ubuntu

Linux is a great OS. Open source and free. Can work as server or desktop. There are a lot of applications: office suite, internet web browser, email client, image editor, 3D modeler, games, online games, software development tools, etc. Using Linux, I can almost do anything I want just as I am using proprietary OS.

However, there is a drawback. If a computer cannot be used for playing games, then it will not be 100% perfect. Yes, Linux has a lot of free and open source games, but I feel that there is still a gap between free games and the commercial games. Though I may not use Linux to play the latest game, at least it should allow me to play my favourite game.

Luckily there is WINE. Though it cannot 100% compatible to all the games, at least have a try. The following is a screenshot of my most favourite game!

Taikou Risshiden 5
Taikou Risshiden 5 using WINE

3 thoughts on “Playing games with Ubuntu

  1. WINE that good liao meh?
    ajie thought it’s only for simple MS apps?? seriously can do games ah? what about those canggih canggih aps, like installing MS outlook?

    1. WINE not bad. I think no problem installing MS Office bah. Got screenshots from other websites. Even can play World of Warcraft. But not all MS applications compatible lah. Such as my favourite game, needs some configuration.

  2. Ubuntu is most user friendly Linux is a fact… But as you had properly said there is the lack of games. Specially 3d games. Wine is not bad but you couldn’t launch some games using it. Some games like GTA 3 have a lot of problems too.
    What about free games.
    We’re small gamedev team. And we were working with Blender Game Engine, because BGE based games could run in Ubuntu. But there is ONE SERIOUS PROBLEM:
    Windows user could download, unpack and play.
    Linux user should download, unpack… then he should run Blender, open game’s .blend file in it, and compile binary for his machine himself. It’s not comfortable for everybody…

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