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Add another Google Search plugin to Linux Mint Firefox

When I run Firefox of Linux Mint, using the default Google Search from the search bar, it shows an old fashion search result. We can add search engine plugin manually. When we visit Facebook, Youtube, etc, there is a highlight on the search bar icon, click it we can add our own search engine. However, when we visit Google Search, it does not highlight the icon. Then, how?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter ” ” (without quotes) for Search URL
  3. Enter “My Google” (without quotes), or whatever name you want, but not the name already existed in Firefox search engines
  4. Click “Create Plugin”
  5. Then, you will see that your search bar icon is highlighted.
  6. Add the search engine plugin to your Firefox.

With that, we can use the new fashioned Google Search engine in Linux Mint.


About Allen Choong

A cognitive science student, a programmer, a philosopher, a Catholic.

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  1. I’m really liking Firefox 4. I think my main complaints from beta are gone (sometimes wonky toolbar placement and Win7 taskbar “tabs”).

  2. Thank you ( x 1000) !!

  3. Thank you, Linux Mint doesn’t list google and it was annoying!


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