From LXDE to Xfce on Arch Linux

The best feature I like about Arch Linux is that it can be freely customized. Previously, I was using LXDE on Arch Linux. Then I found some problem that when I want to change the desktop background mode, LXDE will be restarted immediately. This problem causes me fail to boot properly when I am upgrading the kernel. As a result, I need to downgrade the kernel to the previous one in order to boot properly.

Therefore, I tried to use Xfce, which is also a lightweight desktop environment. Unlike LXDE, Xfce does not has any display manager. So, I choose GDM, which is able to work with Xfce. Now, everything works fine. Good.


2 thoughts on “From LXDE to Xfce on Arch Linux

  1. Hey!

    Cool article…I just got “hit” by Gnome3 and would like to make the move to XFCE. Anything I need to keep in mind? I use Arch as well, but Gnome is too demanding on my system…

    Can Gnome3 and XFCE co-exist without thrashing the machine?



    1. I don’t have any problem yet for the Arch Linux, I installed Gnome3, Xfce, LXDE, and recently KDE. I use GDM as the login manager, so, I can choose any session I like. I normally use Xfce session. Yup, Gnome3 is too demanding. And Gnome Shell causes my computer freeze, I think it is due to graphic card problem, so I change it to fallback mode.

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