Arch Linux and network printer

Actually I never tried to use Linux to print anything before. This is because of the driver problem. It is difficult to get appropriate printer driver for Linux.

Today, I tried to use Arch Linux to install a network printer. The printer is Fuji Xerox Document Centre. Firstly, I installed all the printer packages for Arch Linux based on the wiki. Then, I tried to add the printer using gnome-control-center. However, I cannot add any printer with gnome-control-center, it is GNOME3. So, I tried to find the other solution from Internet to add printer.

From what I get, the other users normally use CUPS web interface (http://localhost:631) to manage the printers. Yes, I feel that it is the best way to manage the printers. However, I need to use root to manage the printer.

So, after (1) installing the printer driver packages, (2) starting CUPS daemon, then (3) using the web interface, I can get the network printer name when adding the printer. From there, I need to find the appropriate driver. To select Fuji Xerorx driver, I need to look for it from “xerox”, not from “fuji” something. But, in Fuji Xerox, I cannot find any driver name exactly same as the model, so I just simply choose “Xerox Document Centre 400 – CUPS+Gutenprint”. Then I test it by printing something.

Yes, it works.

2 thoughts on “Arch Linux and network printer

  1. Allen, you are a legend. I have never been able to get this printer to work under LInux (I have an ApeosPort C5440i and using the Xerox Document Center 400 – Cups+Gutenprint driver worked perfectly. Thanks.

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