Are you in the bible? (Part 2)

Previously I asked, “Are you in the bible?” Right, most holy men and women suffered a lot as written in the bible. Since I mentioned those names, let me finish what were happened to those holy men and women.

Patriarch Joseph finally became an important man in Egypt, trusted by Pharaoh. During the great famine, he saved his own family and kinsmen.

David who wholeheartedly worked for Saul, but Saul wanted to murder him, at the later days, David became the king of Israel. Though he was persecuted by own son. But later years he died peacefully and his kingdom was succeeded by King Solomon.

Job, though all his children died suddenly, all his properties were taken in one night, at the end, he was blessed with more children and properties.

Samson was blinded and put imprisoned. But at the end, his power was recovered and killed his enemies and saved the Israelites.

Mordecai, though he and his kinsmen were threatened, at the end, all of them were saved by the help of Queen Esther, his adopted daughter.

Susanna though was accused, the Prophet Daniel was inspired and saved her from the hands of the elders. And justice was shown to them.
Tobit finally gained his sight by the help of the angel Raphael.

Here I don’t mention about the prophets, because most of them died like the Martyrs.

We can see that, though sufferings and sorrows were happened, there was something behind, which will bear the fruits when the time is coming.

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