Accidentally rename a currently downloading file

This was a small problem I faced, just to share how I solved it.

I was downloading a large file with JDownloader, around 700MB. But while downloading at around 600MB, I renamed the file (with extension “.part”) in the file browser. I didn’t notice it, until I finished downloading the file. Then I have 2 files something like this:

My_target_file_name.part      628647283
original_file_name.avi            734171136

From here, I knew that I renamed the file “original_file_name.part” to “My_target_file_name.part” during the file size was 628647283. But JDownloader continued to download the file until finish at 734171136 size.

Don’t worry, no need to re-download the file immediately. Try the following steps.

What I wanted to do was to combine the ending 105523853 from original_file_name.avi to the My_target_file_name.part, then the problem will be solved. So, split the file,

split -b 628647283 original_file_name.avi output

This will produce the files the outputaa with file size 628647283 and outputab with file size 105523853.

Now, combine the My_target_file_name.part with outputab, will solve the problem.

cat My_target_file_name.part outputtab > My_target_file_name.avi

Now, problem solved.

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