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[Added 2012-10-16] Read this first: Quite a lot of readers asked me how to hack this game or hack that game. Sorry to say, I am not that expert in hacking those games, and I don’t have much time to play and hack the games. And what I shared here is only how to hack the games in general way, without permanent root the Android. So, if you are asking about a specific game, please find it on other channel. Thank you.

Frustrated with some Android games? Want to hack? Want to kill the monsters with one slice?

Okay, this is the main purpose I learn about Android rooting. After we gain the “#” from “adb shell” (refers to my previous post), now we can see all the files in /data folder. This folder contains the game save data and also some libraries.

Simple problem and solution

My hacking method is not memory editing, but save file editing. So, to edit the save file, we must have the knowledge and experience on hexadecimal editing. Now, since we can access those data files in /data/data folder, meaning that we can pull them, edit them, push them back.

So, pull the save file you want, the name such as Save0.dat or similar name. Use a hex editor, such as bless, ghex, hexedit, etc. Edit the value, then push the file back.

I personally wrote a small command-line tool, so that I can do hex editing in adb shell. (It is available here). I push it to /data/local/tmp folder, so that I can use it without pulling and pushing the file.

For some games, the save file is plain binary file. We can understand the file with the hex editing, such as the value of the coins, the level of the weapons, the status of the hero such as strength, vital, hp, and so on. These can be easily edited. (Please always make a backup before editing).

Advanced problem and solution

For other games, the save file is really a pain. They are encrypted/encoded save file. We cannot understand anything about the file. Modifying the file does not help. So, my only solution is to edit the library file, i.e. shared object (.so).

For example, if there is a library called, we need to use objdump (ARM target, not x86 or x86-64 target) to disassemble the shared object. The objdump can be obtained from Android NDK package.

/path-to/objdump -dC > asm.txt #pull the library file first, not doing this in adb shell

This will create “asm.txt” which contains the disassembled data. Now, what we can do is just study the functions. We might find some functions such as “encode”, “encrypt”, “decode”, “decrypt”, “save”, “load”. And also, need to look for open file, read or write file, and close file. This is because normally, they will call encrypt or encode before write the file (save). Study what the functions they are calling.

For example, in the “save” function, it might contain a call of “encode” function, then only “write” the buffer. In this case, it will be quite easy to solve the problem. Use a hex editor to open the shared object. Edit the hexadecimal value of the opcode that calls the “encode” function within “save” to “00 00 00 00”, this will produce NOP operation. That means, we disable calling “encode” function in “save” function.

Then, we can objdump again to check whether we have disabled the function call.

Push the edited library to the device. Make sure backup the original library and also the save file.

Run the game, load the save file, save the game, then exit.

Now, do not restart the game yet. Now, check the newly saved file with hex editor. If it is a plain binary file, then we success! If not, try until you want to give up.

Do not restart the game yet, because the game will load the encoded save file, not the plain binary save file. So, to make the game load the plain binary save file, we need to disable calling “decode” function in the “load” function as the method discussed above.

Push the newly edited library, then start the game.

Now, we can hex edit the save file freely as we like.

Other problem and solution (added 2012-03-19)

There are even easier problems, such as the game Aqua Pet. There is no shared object (lib*.so). And the save file is also a plain text file. Meaning, we need no hex editor to edit it. However, editing the file might not change anything. In this type of case, we must “force stop” the app first, then edit the file.

Now, enjoy the games.


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  1. please can you explane me hot to disassemble the shared object library .SO with objdump ??? THXXXXX

    1. I can only share with my method.

      1. Firtly, you need to get the .SO file from the phone, using “adb shell”.
      2. Then, get the objdump (not the x86 or x64, must be the ARM, which can get from Android NDK). In my case, it is android-ndk r7-1.
      3. In the command-line, use the objdump, namely /opt/android-ndk/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3/prebuilt/linux-x86/arm-linux-androideabi/bin/objdump, or you can use alias to make a shorter name, such as “arm-objdump”. So,
        arm-objdump -d “” > output.txt
        This will disassemble the .so file and dump to the output.txt file. So that you can read the disassembled file. The disassembled file might be 10-20 megabytes. So, use a good text editor, suggest gvim or emacs. You can study the file, to see which function is calling save and load file.
      4. Based on the information you know, then you can use hex editor to edit the orignal .so file. Make sure make a backup beforehand.
  2. Ok I’v done the point 1- I’v the .SO file but I still have problems in pont 2,I dont know how to use a command line and what is it .. I’m a simpy barman, please explane me , btw I use Windows /,I’v got android-ndk r8 🙂 THX FOR ALL Allencch !!

      1. I just take a glance about the asm.txt. But I don’t know what are you going to do towards the file. From what I see, it seems not like a game .so file. It looks like a tool. Sorry, cannot help.

  3. the game is Dungeon Defenders Second Wave for Android. Ok I give up to hack this game, thanks anyway for your time 😉

    1. Welcome. To hack the game, you need to see what you want to do. If you want to change game so that HP will not decrease, this might be difficult. Because you need to know the operation that will deduct HP. But in my case that I shared about encoded/encrypted save file, just avoid the function, then it will solve the problem. HP decreasing might need only one statement in C or C++. Thus, difficult to find the location.

  4. Hello, how can you edit a .json file that some games use?I can edit but the game stays the same.

    1. Firstly, make sure the .json file is the only saved file. Meaning that, it is not just a product from the games like logging. If you are sure that the .json is the save file, meaning that, it will be loaded by the game to retrieve the game state, then you can simply edit it.
      The game stay the same may be you haven’t close the game yet. To close it, such as Aqua Pet, you need to force stop or end the task using the task manager.

      1. The save game file is the json one but although i changed it and forced close the game it still doesn’t change.. :s

      2. I think it is because the .json file is not the actual save file. May I know what is the game? What is the filename of the .json file? And also where is it located?

      3. The game is Robinson for android..the file is userprofile.json and the directory is android/data/com.pixonic.robinson/files..
        There is one more file that is a 2.3kb png called main

      4. mmm… may be you can try to see the SD card folder whether got related files. Just may be the save file is saved in SD card instead of data/. If like that, even the phone is not rooted still be able to modify the data.

      5. It has the same folder and json file on the sd card but the data on this file but i had already changed it as well.. My guess is that maybe there is a hidden file that i cannot access..

      6. normally the files are saved in data/ folder. if your phone is rooted, then should be able to see all the files. do you use “ls -a” in the adb shell? so that you can see the hidden files with “.” prefix in the adb shell.

    1. oooh. that means you “adb shell” in, does not see the “#”, but “$”. If so, then you cannot see anything in /data folder, right? If so, then what you edit is not the save file. No way to see the files in /data unless you root it.

  5. Hi,

    Thx for the tutorial. I successfully edited a game. but many of shared libraries cant understandable. For example unity games. Any solution about this?

    1. Yah. A lot of shared libraries are not understandable. Currently, I only solved Inortia 3 and DemonHunter for the shared libraries. Third Blade does not work. But if you look for the forum, the save file can be directly edited. For the plain text, I tried Mega Jump and AquaPet. For the binary saved, I tried AirPenguin and Fishing Diary. Others I never tried.

  6. Found another game with text-editable savegames. It’s Extreme Road Trip 1.13. Wrote a tutorial on my blog here:

    Allen, what I wanted to ask you was that, I have a game: Shake Spears!, that has data stored on the SD card AND on the internal memory. I tried searching for the files. I found several shared libraries. About 7 shared libraries are present in the SD card data and 2 shared libraries are saved on the internal memory card. My question is that, which files are most likely to affect the encryption of the save data, the SD card shared libraries (5 with .dll extensions and 2 with .so extensions) or the Internal memory shared libraries (2 files with .so extensions). Do I have to use IDA Pro to decompile and edit these files or would editing them be possible using a hex editor?

    1. Hi Ijlal,
      Thanks for your sharing of the your tutorial.
      In my opinion, I will ignore .dll file, because the Android is based on Linux kernel, that means the shared libraries are .so files. And I will choose the .so file in the internal memory, because I think Android runs the .so from the internal memory. Then, based on my heuristic, I will choose the .so file with larger size, because normally the main game is the large library.

      We can only decompile the library into assembly, using IDA Pro is a good choice. Editing with hex editor only after we know exactly which position we can edit, not for reading. Reading with hex editor does not help anything.

  7. Ok. Thanks very much for your prompt and very helpful response Allen 🙂 I’ll try my hand at modifying it in accordance with your suggestions and post here if I’m successful 🙂

  8. hi allencch,

    saw your tutorial but i dont know whether it can help me or not. i’m trying to hack dark legends. i oledy downloaded the hack which contains lib*.so files and an xml file. i also have rooted my android.

    what should i do with this files? the instruction says run the hack. but run from where? the android? if so, how?

    run from pc? again, how?

    here’s the link to the hack, i hope you can help me.

      1. OK I sow ur tutorial do u have any other way so I can hack it from my own device without connecting it with pc I’ve rooted it and I just need any programm or application that has the ability to encrypte or encode the .so file

  9. what about the game Rage of Bahamut? i dont know what kind of save file it is, but im just curious to know whether or not it could be hacked

    1. Chris, I am also curious about what Rage of Bahamut is. Actually, there are a lot of games I didn’t play. If you are interested, just use the step I mentioned to check these save file.

      1. Allen, Rage of Bahamut is a server-sided game, so I don’t think savegame modification is the answer here. I think you have to manipulate the .smali code of the apk itself to achieve the results desired.

      2. Thanks Techomie. If it is server-sided game, i don’t think save file will make any changes. All the game data should be saved in the server. Unless it is possible to send the edited game data to the server.

      3. You’re welcome Allen 🙂 And yeah, even if you could send the edited data to the server, it must have some built-in security to ensure that variables like gold and coins do not change to unrealistic amounts, like from 231 coins to 1283182 coins in just one go 🙂

        So, what could be done is to change the in-game costs of something to negative values, so that you GET coins instead of having them deducted from you when you purchase something.

      4. Indeed, server sided games are exponentially harder to cheat than offline games, but that doesn’t mean that they’re impossible to cheat 🙂 If I stumble across something, I’ll be sure to let you know.

        There’s a member on a forum I’m a member of, that claims to have been able to cheat Rage of Bahamut. I’ll try to get him to tell me, and post here if he does.

  10. can we increase coins to a big value in subway surfers? just tell me what to edit and i will do it , thanks in advance and for this great technique

  11. i want to add one thing , i found where the coins are , its in my sd card under the playerdata, but that file has no extension , simply playerdata , when i open it using HxD it says somewhere ‘amount of coins’ but how do i edit it when i cant even open it properly

    1. Firstly, I need to state that I have never played this game before.
      Since you said you open the “playerdata” with the HxD, what do you mean can’t open it properly? If can’t open it properly, then how did you get the “amount of coins”? May be you can post some more information.

  12. do we need sd card to hack?
    i don’t have sd card in my phone yet is there another way?
    but i also found the game files i edited but it wont let me save it.

  13. Hi…im trying to edit the highscore in subway surfers game….i go to d save file…playet data…and i am able to edit the score
    ..but after that when i open the game..all the saved data is gone amd looks like its been reinstalled…pls help…thankyou…

    1. I am facing the same problem. When i edit player data, the game doesnot load. #subway surfers. Please help.

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    posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

    1. So in the decoded ask.txt it gives you a line with 3 sets of hex/ASCII and the function like this
      50fe5c:>> eb029e49 >> bl>> 5b7788 <Clara::RecordDB::SetEncryption(safe enum<clara ……….so on etc so which set of those do you search for with a hex editor cause I've searched all 3 using hex and ASCII and I can't find them in the .so …

      1. Well that’s kinda what im asking . how from the decoded “asm.txt” do u find the address

      2. Or to be more specific say the address is 5b7788 I search the .so it puts me close to that address but there is no exact match there might be 005b7782 or 005b7778 etc so how do u know which is the right address ?

      3. The first column in the asm.txt is always the address. This is how the disassembling shows.
        Then in your hex editor, you should go to 0x50fe5c if this is your first column. Because I am not very understanding your
        “50fe5c:>> eb029e49 >> bl>> 5b7788 <Clara::RecordDB::SetEncryption(safe enum<clara …" how actually looks like.

  15. hello sir ! would you give me a hand in my problem about ZENONIA 3 ..
    im about to use hex editor to hack the ZEN in game .
    but there is a problem , when i click /data/data there is no file in the folder !!!
    as for other solution , they say to check the “ROOT PERMISSION” box but every time i check it, it says : CAN’T CHANGE SHELL: SHELL DOES NOT START ..

    im using HEX EDITOR v2.0.21
    my phone is ROOTED – Samsung Galaxy Pocket ..


  16. I have a problem with Rule the kingdom. In the save file folder the automatic save is a .bin fule and I can´t manage to open said file.

  17. I have a problem with Rule the kingdom. In the save file folder the automatic save is a .bin fule and I can´t manage to open said file with Hexedit or XVI programs. I even tried to use note pad but all there is is gibberish and nothing even remotely recognoisable.
    Please give me a hand

    1. I think you don’t have root permission. Please get the root permission from in adb shell, then use adb pull to retrieve the file.
      But if your notepad can open the file as gibberish, normally it can be open with hex editor.

      1. I have permanent root. Yet when I try opening the “save.bin” or “save_prevbin” with Hexedit it says it´s read only and it cannot be opened

      2. Sorry allencch but how do I use adb and pull the file? I´ve read this and the previous post but I still don´t get it to much

      3. If when you “adb shell”, you can get “#” symbol for the prompt, you are log in as root. Then you are able to access the file. If you get “$”, then, you cannot access the file.
        To pull the file, in a command prompt, enter
        adb pull /data/and_path_to_where_your_file_locate

  18. how to hack money and gems in games android Happy farm – Candy Day?
    please tell me because i need money and gems to up my rating my train…

  19. Dear

    I am playing the octro teenpatti game in my Samsung note 2 and I am using the game killer 2.60 but when hack is running in the table play my score see 99999999 but when I am clicking my photo the original chips amount see.and when I back to lobby server massage you have lossed 99999999 in last session
    Kindly help sync my edited amount in teenpatti or any idea like hex editor and other meta
    Please inform me

  20. I have been hacking game saves and local games for years. My troubles is hacking online android games while save data is not stored locally, even if I find the address of the data, I modify it, it will not stay because the game continues feed data to server and server to my device.

    I would like to learn how to intercept the data being sent to server and I can modify its value.

    Any advice?

  21. hey dude
    your site is awsome. I have learned many things from it.
    now as the topic is goin on about hacking the game.
    I can simply hack most of the Android games using GAMECIH, SB game hacker, game killer etc. but its for offline game and if this methid not work I simply goto data/data/package_name/shared_pref/any.xml file. you can simply open that xml file with any editor in your fone and search for your desire thing like coins and code and change it to whatever you like.
    but now I want hack online games like many in the comment said its teen patti.
    as in someone comment we can easiky change valurme in front end but not in back end.
    so can you please tell me hiw to do it. or I fink I have to manipulate the smali codes for changing the value in thier database.
    I am not an expert in android but just learned within few week from searching and learning.
    so if you can help me I will be more than happy……
    will be waiting for your reply…..

    1. Online game cannot be hacked through the client only. Because most online game data are stored in the server. It will have difficulty to hack online data, and may be illegal and be banned.

      1. Thanks for the reply..
        I know its not very easy to hack online data but not impossible na.
        I don’t know exactly because I m not that expert in android but I fink we can alter the smali codes of a decompiled apk and send our data in such a way that we want.
        or I want to know that whatever data the game send to the server that can be intercepted and then alter and then send it to the server…
        just curious about to know

      2. so dude do you any idea how to do it..
        can you tell me how to intercept packets send by the game to its server.
        I have used shark for android to intercept packets send by my GSM cellular network but it always show raw data with nothing inside it.
        So do have any idea on how to do it, It would be great thing for me.

  22. okk thanks for the information.
    I want to know that where are the initial value of the games are stored
    For example when we play any game (offline) we get certain amount of coins gold health etc.
    so where are they are stored In the apk.
    Is it in the smali folder or in the res folder where all the .xml files are there.
    I tried changing in res folder strings.xml but it didn’t affect any thing in the game.
    so can you please tell me where are they stored.
    and I also want to know how to use IDA pro and what’s the use of it.

    1. Where the initial value stored in the game, either res folder or smali folder, in my opinion it is depending on the developers. For the strings.xml, it is storing the string (text) only.

      Besides that, I am not very familiar about smali and assembling again from the smali.

      But for the IDA Pro, it is used for disassembling the binary file. Because most of the current mobile phones are ARM architectures, after disassembled, you see get the assembly instruction set. It is exactly same as the objdump. But IDA Pro at the same time is the debugger, so you can do the debugging at the same time.

  23. thnx buddy for replies.
    I have seen many post when I searched for keyword hacking online games and I found this site showing the way to hack online game vis IDA pro but I don’t know from where to start.
    it does not have clear information about it.

    Here is the site—>

    In this site there is a example for modding UNO..
    I have not played this game before so I m not familiar with it but I think its online game.

    So can you atleast help me on how to use IDA pro..??
    how to edit the data of an apk using IDA pro….???
    what to do first..??
    Can you just tell me with steps if you are familiar with IDA pro… Thanks. . 🙂

    1. Your question is too difficult to answer. To learn the IDA pro, you need to learn reverse engineering, such as how to use OllyDbg and also IDA Pro. I can’t help this. Please find the tutorial from internet. There are a lot of resources online.

      1. Thnaks bro
        I will see on the Internet about IDA pro….

        but have you checked out the link I provided you..
        about the uno game as example…..???

      1. hey dude I need your help….
        I have decompile an apk.
        I have the library .so file.
        I can load it into IDA pro but now I want to debug that .so file.
        when I go to debugger click on start debugging it ask me to choose between android /gdb.
        I tried both to debug but it gives me an error of something like not valid parameters passed.
        my host name is localhost

        can you please explain me how to do it correctly if I m doing anything wrong…
        Thanks. ………. 🙂

      2. Hi Prince, I am not very experienced in IDA Pro. You cannot debug the .so file directly. This is because it is the library file, not the executable file. That is why it request for the parameter.

        I only have the experience of using the IDA Pro to disassemble the .so file.

      3. ok so how to disassembled the .so file
        just have to drag and drop on the main interface of ida pro or have to do something else…???

      4. ok dude.
        can you suggest me some nice website or forum in which I can learn more.
        or how about you only try to hack the game which I want to hack if u don’t mind n if u hav time….

      5. NP dude.
        you have helped me alot.
        I have learned alot ffrom what ever you told me.
        Thanks dude.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. aryt dude
    thnx for all your help and answer you gave of my questions.
    if anytime I need you I will contact you for sure.
    Thank you. ……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. awesome blog and u buddy too.
    i wanna know that how to change data which we sent to server in online games.
    how to modify them ?
    hey prince i read ur all que. and sir your ans too. mist of them are miny queries and most of them i satisfied my self.thank you.

    1. sorry dude teen patti is online game and its data is stored on server not on our device.
      so basically to hack teen patti you have to hack database of it.
      in short online games cannot be hacked soo damn easily.

      I have trying to hack this game from more than 2 months but no success at all.
      Tried all the ways to hack but can’t do any hacking in it

      You can read all my and allencch conversation above.

  26. Hi, I want to hacke android server side game . I already tryed a lot ofethod but can’t hack. Whenever I try to hack . Hack value just show but not work and disappear when I restart game. There is also its file but I cant edit .I cant change its permission .I think whole data is store in sever . Sorry cant mention game name. Is there any solution like that game. Plz let me know.

  27. Hi,
    Thanks alot for your knowledge sharing, I have a game its name is clas of clans its online game I think its hard to hack online game because I know technique of hacking that game by replacing the file of charactars.csv and and permission of them rwxrwxrwx to make the soldiers more promoted but when i restart the game nothing was saved and also gamekiller application canot save changes please help please help please help

  28. Hey allen, ive read a lot of the comments and you seem to be very helpful to people in need. Ive studied everything when it comes to modding and editing apks from decompiling/recompiling, ida pro hex editing and hexeditor editing, decompressing a .so file and recompressing it but i am having issues with family guy quest for stuff. I want to make it where everything is free, such as items from the in game store and speed ups, which in the game you can use clams, a currency in the game, to speed up waiting times. Its been done before but i wanna learn it myself and was wondering if theres any chance we can connect and you could help me. I can send you the modded and unmodded .so files to see if you can spot what is changed to make all shopping and speed ups free. Please, it would mean a alot to me and i will find a way to repay you if thats what you want. Thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you for your support. However, I am current not dedicated to Android gaming or game hacking. Sorry for that I do not have extra time to involve in this.

  29. hi Allen, game Arcane SOUL has 2 .so files. Where should I edit? or

    what if I want to change the value of the bonus each level rise?
    or may be you can edit it for me

  30. hey can you tell me how to hack happy fish dream aquarium pb android and what kind of app shall i download??? please!

  31. Dear Allen,

    How can I edit cash and gold amount of the Android game Respawnables? I use Hex Editor and I don’t know which line to edit. Please help me. Thank you.

  32. hi can u teach me how I hack Historia.i check some info to edit change the value of HEX Dword, but which file I open in hex editor fast?

  33. Hey Allen ,

    first of all nice Page. If got a question maybe u can help me.
    I play some Online Mobile Game. Is it possible to play it Offline or Local. So i can try everthink offline?

  34. My friend can hack login guest KK (Cast*e C*ash)..its so weird..because he had non rooted phones and..everytimes he try to reboot the phones then he got new account at login guest..i had check it his phones there is no cheat..or idk for sure he hack the game by accident… I had no idea how this happen?? I think the game cant tracking his phones id.. Just my opinion.. But… When i try to hack the game using an app called wifi fake..its working! Then im trying to reboot ..login again what happen??just back to same account that i was opened LOL.. So… How its work?? Can u explain it.. How to make the app game think that we using anonymous phones hehe.. I had try a lot likes flashing my phones,,factory reset.. Instal/uninstal again..but its doesnt work..not likes COC everytimes we wipe data/clear data game.we can create new account.. Wtf im saying hahaha..i hope you understand what i mean.

  35. I tried hacking “Wonder Zoo” by sb game hacker… the amount stays same…..
    then i tried hacking it by savefile
    I pull the savefile.xml ,edit it, then push it back…..
    nothing changed in game….while searching again for save files i saw two savefiles
    1. savefile.xml (which i already edited)
    2. savefile.dat
    i tried editing savefile.dat with many editors ( hex editor)
    bt i cannot change its encoding ……i cant even read it…

    please help…how to make it in simple works so than i can modify the value

  36. hi allen it was nice discus about hacking ndroid online and offline games. i have a question. that if we do reverse engineering. will that be effective on online server based games.

  37. allen, i have get asm.txt but i dont understand with encrypted/encoded save function, can you help me to disable encrypted/encoded function? please. the game is ARCANE Soul (offline). i want to hack anythings except coin….please

    please. . .i will upload asm.txt if you help me.

  38. hey there. can you comment on the skill set that would be needed to pick up reversing android apps, and maybe recommend more sites where i can RTFM about the general process?


    1. I don’t have very experienced reverse engineering skill. But need to have programming languages skill especially C, Java, and assembly language. Better to understand how Android apps being built in Java and native language like C and C++. Learn to debug and use the tool like IDA Pro. Can start with some basic software or games on Windows. But the problem is most Windows exe files are compressed. If you can get the file decompressed, then you can have an idea how to disassemble or decompile the file. Then read the code. And try and error. I believe you can have a Google search for game hack tutorial.

  39. I have a file which is shown as a .png file format which I am unable to open. These files were found in an apps data and I believe they are encrypted? How would I go about viewing them/decrypting them?

  40. Wcc 2 is a android cricket game.i edit the game data/stat now can change the graphic like day to night mode or night to day mode?

  41. Hello.

    I’m playing mostly jrpg games, and I want to access the text files such as the dialog. Do you have an idea on how to achieve this?

  42. your post are very hard to understand please tell me step by step method,and I don’t know where the adb shell is ,can I write the objdump inside the lib*.so file or rename the file as objdump.

    1. You need to have technical knowledge like how to use command-line, how to run the adb shell, how to read assembly language, how to do debugging. You can search about these through the Internet.

  43. Just found your post and your incredibly useful hed tool! Thanks for writing it, if you could also share the source code that would be awesome!!

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