GIMP does not support CMYK PSD file, then how?

I downloaded some PSD files, which is a file format by Photoshop. I tried to open it with GIMP, can be known as most popular open source image editor. However, opening the file showed some error message,

Error loading PSD file: Unsupported color mode: CMYK

Then I tried to install the “gimp-plugin-separate”, but it does not work. According to this post, the author also mentioned that “gimp-plugin-separate” does not work. But, the author mentioned some solutions. One of the solution is using “imagemagick” to convert the file into several PNG files.

However, I prefer to preserve the layers of the PSD file so that I can edit the image easier in GIMP. Therefore, my solution is to convert the file into the TIFF image.

convert input.psd -channel rgba -alpha set -colorspace rgb output.tif

But, the vector information of the images will be lost if converted to non PSD file format.

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