aMule high CPU usage solution

I use aMule. But even with the SVN version from Arch Linux, it produces the same problem as I was using Linux Mint, high CPU usage problem. It works well at the beginning, but will suddenly high CPU usage, causes my laptop battery drain very fast.

So, I try to find the solution. Then, I found one solution, not like using MLDonkey or other alternatives before.

Using the aMule daemon, amuled from command line.

amuled --ec-config

Then you will be asked for entering password for mule connection. Enter anything you like.

In my case, the amuled will be terminated after a while with

*** buffer overflow detected ***: amuled terminated

I think this is the bugs. So, to solve if, after entering password, wait a while before terminated, press Ctrl+C to exit. Then run amuled as above again.

Okay, assuming amuled is running perfectly. Now there are two options for the aMule client, one is amulegui, another is amuleweb. Just run the amulegui, you will be asked for the password as you entered above. The interface is almost same as normal amule. The only difference is even you exit the amulegui, the amuled is still running.

Another way is the amuleweb. Actually amuleweb is considered as another daemon, running it, then you can access aMule through the web browser. To run the amuleweb,

amuleweb --password=AbovePassword --admin-pass=WebPassword

AbovePassword is the password you used in amuled. WebPassword is the password that you are going to login in the web interface.

Then, we can access aMule through the web browser with http://localhost:4711.

amuled, amulegui, amuleweb
The screenshot of runnign amuled, amulegui, amuleweb, and web browser.

4 thoughts on “aMule high CPU usage solution

    1. As for my current aMule version 10803-3 (Arch Linux package), I have see no such problem any more. May be you can get the source code from SVN and compile yourself, or build into debian package.

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