Firefox 15 with built-in PDF plugin

Firefox, though I like it, I still feel a lot of limitations of using it, especially reading the PDF using the plugin from Adobe Reader. This is really a drawback. Because the plugin in Linux I feel that it is not very stable. That is why, normally I open the online PDF with Chromium, because Chromium (Google Chrome) has built-in PDF plugin.

Now, Firefox 15 has a built-in PDF plugin as well. By default, it is disabled. So, we need to enable it manually.

At the address bar, enter “about:config”. Then you are able to edit some configurations of the Firefox. So, search “pdfjs.disabled”, change the value to “false”. Yes, now, it is enabled. I forgot whether restart is required or not. Just try any PDF, then you will see the difference.

However, if comparing the viewing quality with Chromium, the text in Firefox is quite rasterised (pixelated). Yet, I am still enjoy with this new feature.


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