Bookmarks, like (including +1 and favourite), and Zotero

Long time ago, I used to use a text file to collect all my favourite websites. This is because I was using Internet Explorer, and Firefox was not yet introduced. I totally disliked the “favourite” files in IE. Besides that, I cannot bring my favourite websites to any other computers.

Then, after using Firefox, I started building up my bookmarks. This is really great because the bookmarks can be easily exported and imported with a single file.

Then the social bookmarking sites is gradually prevailing, such as Digg and Delicious.  Then we can share our bookmarks with our friends.

Next, social networking sites such as StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ become popular. These sites provide the button such as Like, +1, or Favorite. However, feature such as Like or +1 from Facebook and Google+ does not add the posts or links as a bookmark. It provides some statistics for the user who posts, but not as a collection for the readers who like. However, the Favorite and Like in both Twitter and StumbleUpon will store as a collection for the users. Thus, they serve more like bookmarking.

Recently, I try to utilise Zotero more. Bookmark is useful to bookmark the page I like. However, sometimes the articles or some phrases are impressive to me. After I bookmarked, I cannot search them from the bookmark, because I only remember a fragment of the articles. Thus, Zotero is very useful in the way as note taking to record the phrases I like. Zotero is perfectly worked with Firefox.

The bookmarking and Zotero note taking is able to synchronise on internet. Utilise these features and increase your bank of knowledge.

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