IBus (input) 1.5 problems and solutions

I am using Arch Linux. Recently updated an old computer, the IBus from 1.4 to 1.5. As a result, there were two problems.

  1. Cannot input anymore in any window, except Opera(?)
  2. IBus Pinyin cannot change to “Full pinyin” mode, but only “Double pinyin” mode.

For the first problem, it doesn’t happen in my other computers. For the second problem, it happened in my other laptops.

To solve the first problem, I tried several ways. Deleting the “~/.ibus”, “~/.cache/ibus”, “~/.config/ibus”, and “.gconf/desktop/ibus”, none of them can reset IBus to the default setting (initial setting). I wanted to reset the configuration because I know that it should work well, because it does work well in my other computers. However, none of the directories is able to solve the problem, finally I chose to reset the GConf and dconf. (I personally think that dconf is the one storing the latest version’s setting).

So, before reset, I backup the GConf and dconf first,

gconftool-2 --dump / > backup.xml
dconf dump / > backup.txt 

Then, start to reset,

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /desktop/ibus
gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /schemas/desktop/ibus
dconf reset -f /desktop/ibus/ #trailing / is important

(Please note that, for the GConf, even we unset the keys, some of the keys will still appear.  They are generated automatically.)

By making the reset, start the IBus daemon, now, it works fine.

For the second problem, I don’t have exact solution for IBus Pinyin. I tried to solve this problem before, by using git version. Then revert back to non-git version after new version released. Yet this time, the git version is unable to be compiled. Therefore, my solution is to use another pinyin method, such as ibus-googlepinyin and ibus-sunpinyin. Furthermore, Fcitx is another possible solution to solve the problem.


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