Joining video parts together

Have you downloaded the videos online, such as Youku, Tudou, or even YouTube? Have you downloaded the videos which the uploaders split the them into several parts?

Whatever your answer is, you may face the same problem as me.

I downloaded the videos to watch later. But the videos are split into several parts. I wish to watch it as a whole (because it should be one big file). So, I created this script to solve the problem. This script requires MP4Box (in the gpac package) and FFmpeg.

To use the script,

./ 'video_part*.mp4' "video.mp4"

where the first argument is same as the “find . -iname ‘video_part*.mp4′”, so that if the files are video_part1.mp4, video_part2.mp4, video_part3.mp4, …, they will be joined together; 2nd argument is the output file. It will use the MP4Box to join the file, which is fast.

However, sometimes the videos we downloaded are FLV format. This is solved by FFmpeg, but it will convert to MP4 as well, and the conversion is slow.

./ -flv 'video_part*.flv' "video.mp4"

Just add “-flv”, it will use FFmpeg to convert and join the FLV videos into MP4. Actually, it not only converts from FLV, but any format supported by FFmpeg.

Therefore, if you downloaded a series of videos, and each series are split, then you may

for i in {01..20} ; do cmd=`echo "./ 'video${i}_part*.mp4' \"video${i}.mp4\""` ; sh -c "$cmd" ; done

The command above will convert and join the video01_part*.mp4 into video01.mp4, video02_part*.mp4 into video02.mp4, …, and so on until video20.mp4.


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