tcplay script

Recently, when I was using TrueCrypt in Arch Linux to mount a truecrypt container file, it was very slow to mount the container. Furthermore, I also read that the TrueCrypt is discontinued.

Therefore, I decided to use the tcplay. However, it is a command-line. Arch Linux wiki page shows a good tutorial on how to use tcplay.

When using tcplay in Linux, unlike mounting the folder like encfs, tcplay requires losetup for loop device. Thus, it involves 3 steps to mount a truecrypt container: i) setup loop device, ii) setup device-mapper with tcplay, and iii) mount. Consequently, to unmount the truecrypt containter need to reverse these 3 steps.

In order to make my life easier, I wrote a simple script as following. Feel free to modify it.

# @author Allen Choong
# @date    2014-06-29
# @version    1.0.1
# Easy mount the truecrypt encryptinog by using tcplay.
# Assuming the truecrypt mounting name does not have whitespace.
# Changelog:
# 2014-06-29    1.0.1    Add display help if there is no argument
# 2014-06-02    1.0    Initial

tc_mount() {
  lo=`losetup -f`
  losetup "$lo" "$1"
  tcplay -m "`basename "$1"`" -d "$lo"
  mount "/dev/mapper/`basename "$1"`" "$2"

tc_unmount() {
  echo -en "Unmount ... "
  umount "/dev/mapper/$1"
  lo=`losetup -l | grep "$1" | cut -d ' ' -f 1`
  dmsetup remove "$1"
  losetup -d "$lo"
  echo "OK!"

mklist() {
  for ((i=1;$i<=$num;i++)) ; do
    ret+=$(echo " `expr $start + $i`")
  echo $ret

show_mount() {
  mount|grep '/dev/mapper' |while read l ; do num=`echo "$l" | tr ' ' '\n' | wc -l`;
    cutnum=$(mklist 3 `expr $num - 6`)
    echo "$l" | cut -d ' ' -f "1 $cutnum" | sed -e 's/\s/ => /'

#Get arguments
for ((i=0;i<=$#;i++)) ; do


#Print help
if [ $# == "0" ] ; then
  echo "This command requires root privilege."
  echo "Usage:"
  echo ""
  echo "To list the mounted container:"
  echo "`basename $0` -l"
  echo ""
  echo "To unmount (requires root):"
  echo "`basename $0` -u CONTAINER_FILENAME"
  echo "where CONTAINER_FILENAME is the device mapper name"
  echo ""

for ((i=1;i<=$#;i++)) ; do
  case ${args[$i]} in
      unmnt=`echo ${args[$i+1]}`

if [[ "$action" == "mount" ]] ; then
  tc_mount "$1" "$2"
elif [[ "$action" == "unmount" ]] ; then
  tc_unmount "$unmnt"

Update (2014-06-29):
In order to use this script, if you have a file called (already make file system),

sudo /path/to/mnt

After this, you can list the mounted point as, -l

To unmount the container,

sudo -u #where the is the device mapper name, not the path to the file

2 thoughts on “tcplay script

  1. Great script!

    for me to work, i had to change the following syntax:

    lo=`losetup -l | grep “$1” | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 1`

    should be

    lo=`losetup -a | grep “$1” | cut -d ‘:’ -f 1`

  2. Works after a reboot only first time. No instructions on how to close. attempting to run script second time always receive errors like:

    device-mapper: create ioctl on failed: Device or resource busy
    dm_task_run failed
    Could not set up mapping my_encrypted_file
    mount: mount point does not exist

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