List installed AUR packages but removed or renamed in AUR

Recently I found that, even the packages in the AUR are renamed, the AUR helper such as yaourt also cannot solve. When I prepared to ask for some solution in the Arch Linux BBS, I just think that it is possible to solve it myself. Finally, I come out with the following script,

# @author	Allen Choong
# @date		2014-09-04
# @version	0.0.1
# This script is to identify the installed AUR packages, to check whether they are still
# available in the AUR. This is because some packages are renamed or removed.

#Get the packages
packages=(`pacman -Qmq | sort`)

#For each of the package, check with the AUR
for x in ${packages[@]} ; do
  packagesStr+="'$x' "

packagesOnAur=(`/bin/sh -c "package-query -A -f '%n' $packagesStr | sort"`)

#As the rule of thumb, the installed packages are more than packages checked in the AUR
for((i=0;i<${#packagesOnAur[@]};i++)) ; do
  while [[ $j -lt ${#packages[@]} ]] ; do
    if [[ ${packagesOnAur[$i]} == ${packages[$j]} ]] ; then
      unset packages[$j]

for x in ${packages[@]} ; do
  echo $x

The script requires package-query. It will list out all the installed packages which are not found in the AUR. This includes the packages we installed ourselves locally, or deleted or renamed packages in the AUR.

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