MIUI 7 Google Calendar sync problem

Recently, I found that, the calendar item (agenda) created in MIUI 7 Calendar does not sync to my Google Calendar. Then I ignore it.

And until today, I found that, the agenda from Google Calendar does not sync to MIUI7 Calendar too. Then this will be serious. So, I search around the forum, and finally get this solution.

Install Google Calendar! This will solve the calendar syncing problem. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “MIUI 7 Google Calendar sync problem

  1. you mean, the stock calendar, by right, managed by google, doens’t sync? in fact, same as iOS, i think… though I didn’t go confirm, just that, the other day, I found out that, part of my birthday calendar, are out, the date, wrong, then, I stop using smartphone’s calendar liao! back to paper and pen

    1. I mean the stock calendar, by xiaomi, not by Google, else not called stock calendar, doesn’t sync. And checking sync status, it fails. After install Google Calendar, then the stock calendar syncing works fine.

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