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MIUI 7 Google Calendar sync problem

Recently, I found that, the calendar item (agenda) created in MIUI 7 Calendar does not sync to my Google Calendar. Then I ignore it.

And until today, I found that, the agenda from Google Calendar does not sync to MIUI7 Calendar too. Then this will be serious. So, I search around the forum, and finally get this solution.

Install Google Calendar! This will solve the calendar syncing problem. Enjoy!


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A cognitive science student, a programmer, a philosopher, a Catholic.

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  1. you mean, the stock calendar, by right, managed by google, doens’t sync? in fact, same as iOS, i think… though I didn’t go confirm, just that, the other day, I found out that, part of my birthday calendar, are out, the date, wrong, then, I stop using smartphone’s calendar liao! back to paper and pen

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