Because of the new working environment, I cannot use my favourite customised Emacs to work. So, I have to adapt with the new text editor. Luckily, vim is available in the remote server. That means I can use SSH to run the vim. And, even Emacs is available, I feel difficult to customise and install the packages I need, because I don’t have experience installing Emacs’ packages using text-based UI. (But if it is available, I may make a try.)

On the other hand, vim is a little different. vim is more tend to text-based UI, though there is a GUI version called GVim. In order to familiarise with vim, I also did some customisation on it, especially the key binding (hotkey) which is, totally not user-friendly by default. So, I share my ~/.vimrc with this post.

:set tabstop=4 ai ic wrap lbr showcmd
:set shiftwidth=4
:set expandtab
:set autoread
:set list
:set listchars=eol:↵,tab:→·,space:⋅
:set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l,[,]
":set nu
:set display+=lastline
:colorscheme ron

:filetype plugin on
:syntax on

vmap <Down> gj
vmap <Up> gk

"This will be overridden by YouCompleteMe, so need to have alternave solution
imap <Down> <C-o>gj
imap <Up> <C-o>gk
imap <C-Down> <C-o>gj
imap <C-Up> <C-o>gk
nmap <Down> gj
nmap <Up> gk

nmap <S-Up> v<Up>
nmap <S-Down> v<Down>
nmap <S-Left> v<Left>
nmap <S-Right> v<Right>
nmap <S-Home> v<Home>
nmap <S-End> v<End>
imap <S-Up> <C-o>v<Up>
imap <S-Down> <C-o>v<Down>
imap <S-Left> <C-o>v<Left>
imap <S-Right> <C-o>v<Right>
imap <S-Home> <C-o>v<Home>
imap <S-End> <C-o>v<End>
vmap <S-Up> <Up>
vmap <S-Down> <Down>
vmap <S-Left> <Left>
vmap <S-Right> <Right>
vmap <S-Home> <Home>
vmap <S-End> <End>

"Remap the delete key, so that will not override the register for pasting
vmap <Delete> "_x
vmap <Backspace> "_x

"For the characters like newline (if shown with list)
highlight NonText guifg=#333333 guibg=#000000 ctermfg=darkgrey
"For special key like whitespace and tab
highlight SpecialKey guifg=#333333 guibg=#000000 ctermfg=darkgrey


GVim and Emacs
Best ever text editors: (g)vim and emacs

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