MinGW/MSYS and Libraries

Since I am moving from Microsoft Visual C++ to MinGW/MSYS, I would like to record down what are the libraries installed in my MSYS.

The following libraries are successfully compiled and installed in MSYS with MinGW:

  • GLEW
  • OpenSceneGraph
    • Cal3D (using g++-3.4.5)
    • osgCal2
  • SDL
  • FreeGLUT
  • DevIL
  • libpng
    • zlib
  • libjpeg
  • libtiff
  • libxml2
  • FFmpeg
  • Theora
    • libogg
    • libvorbis
  • FreeType
  • FreeImage
  • Boost
  • COLLADA DOM (using g++-3.4.5)
    • minizip
  • CppUnit (using g++-3.4.5)
  • Expat
  • cURL
  • PCRE (using g++-3.4.5)
  • POCO C++ Libraries
  • OpenCV (using tdm-gcc)

The following libraries are pre-compiled and used by MSYS with MinGW:

  • Cg Toolkit
  • OIS (Object-Oriented Input System), pre-compiled in OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Engine)
  • OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Engine)

The following libraries are pre-compiled (because I failed to compile them) and used by MSYS with MinGW:

  • GTK+ (including Expat, Cairo, Iconv, FontConfig, Pango, etc), compiler independent because of C language
  • GStreamer (WinBuilds), compiler independent because of C language
  • Audiere, compiler independent because of using abstract class

The followings are the libraries I failed to compile and install:

  • ZZIPlib
  • OpenSSL
  • TBB (Threading Building Blocks)
  • SpiderMonkey
  • OpenVRML
  • FreeWRL

7 thoughts on “MinGW/MSYS and Libraries

  1. Where did you find pre-compiled binaries of Audiare for MinGW? I can’t find it anywhere and compiling it (especially under linux) seems like hell.

    Hope you’ll answer.

  2. Oh wait, I just noticed you didn’t find it, you just say it’s compiler independent. But then how do I link to the windows binaries? I get undefined reference no matter what I try (and I tried a lot of combinations using dlltool and reimp).

    1. Make sure you know how to use -L and -l. This should solve your problem, when linking. Eg,
      g++ -o output.exe -L/your/path/to/audiere.lib/ -laudiere the_object_files.o

  3. Hi =)
    I spent a lot of time to install some libraries which provide http or email functions, especially Poco….nothing worked.
    Now I can see that you made it and I wonder if you can give me some instructions to install Poco on Windows7 with MinGW and MSYS.

    I got these source files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/poco/files/sources/poco-1.4.3/poco-1.4.3p1.zip/download

    When I started the “configure” script with MSYS I got some errors, so I changed the script a little to set the “$config” and the “$prefix” variables properly so that the “config.make” file was created.
    Then I started the “Makefile” script and there were lots of errors and I don´t know how to get the script working.

    Am I doing a mistake in changing the scripts? Do you think they work properly or did you fixed them too?
    Or am I completly wrong with my steps?
    Can you give me a step by step instruction?

    Thanks for your reply =)

    1. Hi brauni, that was happened quite a long time ago. I now switch to Linux, and cross compilation with mingw-cross-env. I don’t think that I have done any thing special during configure and compilation. But I always remember that, after installing all the basic MinGW and MSYS, then I download GTK+ precompiled binary, lirary and header files, paste them into MSYS folder. Then, most of the compilation will work fine. Because GTK+ has pkg-config, other libraries and headers. This is what I remember.

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