Toshiba Satellite M200 wireless network adapter driver for XP

Since the internet connection is smooth, I just upload the driver..

Wireless network adapter driver (54mb).


Other Toshiba Satellite M200 drivers for XP

I am now back to hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year. And my home has very poor internet connection. Therefore, I upload some of the Toshiba Satellite M200 drivers for XP in cyber cafe now.

Modem driver
SM Bus
Touchpad driver
FlashMedia driver
LAN driver

I do not upload BlueTooth driver, because I don’t use it. So, I also don’t know which BlueTooth driver is suitable for Toshiba Satellite M200.

I haven’t upload Wireless LAN driver. Because the file is 50.9Mb. I still haven’t decided to upload it. Because it is too big. This is what I can do now.

Updated: 24/2/2008
Display driver (18MB)

Reupload display driver (31/1/2010)
Reupload SM Bus driver (2/3/2010)
Reupload LAN driver (2/3/2010)

Toshiba Satellite M200 Windows XP sound driver

Again Toshiba driver.

Since the sound driver I suggested in my previous post does not work, so lastly I need to upload the driver of my laptop.

But the driver I uploaded does not content setup file. Therefore, one needs to right-click “oem1.inf” and select “install”.

I exported the driver using DriverMax (freeware). I didn’t upload the original setup folder, because it is about 83 mb. So, after exported and compressed the file, it is about 9 mb.

Hope this one will really solve Toshiba sound driver problem.

Just for information, I use 7-zip to zip the file. Because it is smaller and it is freeware. To unzip it, there are too many ways, you can use 7-zip or WinRAR or IZarc. And I use Badongo instead of RapidShare. For me, RapidShare is too poor, I don’t like it.

[Update: 7/1/2008]
Realtek_Driver.7z (8.18 mb) – Without setup file. Need to install the driver manually.
To install manually, please read the following links:

N0te: I personally didn’t try the manual installation. Try this if you like to.

Since the installation of the smaller driver fail, I upload the whole driver with setup.
Realtek-Audio-Driver.7z (17.39 mb) – With setup file.

Lastly, please post your comment about the result of the driver. Because I afraid that, the driver only specifically suit with my laptop. If so, I cannot help anymore… Orz
And please inform me if my uploaded files are corrupted.