GMail Basic HTML Enhancement 1.1 update

GMail Basic HTML Enhancement enhances the GMail Basic HTML with “select all” and “select none” feature.

I just updated GMail Basic HTML Greasemonkey script version 1.1. This is because previous version the script works only on Firefox, but not Google Chrome. Now, I managed to use another way to solve the problem, so that the script now can even works on Google Chrome.

My favourite Thunderbird add-ons

Since I tried on Evolution of Ubuntu, an email client just like Microsoft Outlook, with PIM (Personal Information Manager) features, allows using IMAP, and allows synchronization. I really like it. So I tried to install Evolution for Windows. However, Evolution for Windows cannot work properly on Windows 7. Then, I need to switch back to Thunderbird. Since I like the feature of PIM and the synchronization with GMail and Google Calendar, I have installed following add-ons: