GMail HTML Basic Enhancement in Opera

I just found that Opera 10 can also use Greasemonkey script, but it is actually User JavaScript. Therefore, I tried to use GMail HTML Basic Enhancement. But failed. This is because one needs to enable User JavaScript on HTTPS protocol first.

To use the User JavaScript, first set the folder based on this article, and remember to restart.

Then, at the address bar enter “opera:config”, search for “User JavaScript on HTTPS”, enable it. Yeah!

Please note that not all Greasemonkey script is compatible. This is because Opera doesn’t use “unsafeWindow” but “window”, and some other differences.

How to extract zip file which contains filenames with SHIFT_JIS encoding in Ubuntu

If a zip file contains the filenames which are Japanese, the encoding normally is SHIFT_JIS especially Windows. To extract the files, normal “unzip” will not work. 7z is a good solution.

The following commands are done in terminal. Firstly, we need to change the LANG environment variable, because the default LANG is normally UTF-8. Since the filenames are SHIFT_JIS, which is not UTF-8, we need to change it.

LANG=ja_JP # Don't use UTF-8, use "export" if needed


7z x    #extract the files and preserve the encoding

As a result, a list of  unreadable files are extracted. Then use convmv command to convert the filenames. Assuming all the files are in a same folder.

convmv --notest -f shift-jis -t utf8 *.* #convert all the filename to UTF8

If we don’t know the character encoding for the filenames, we can also use the iconv to check the encoding before extract them,

env LANG=ja_JP 7z l | iconv -f SHIFT-JIS -t UTF8

Update (2011-05-16):
The easiest way is using the 7-zip through Wine and installing all the required fonts through winetricks.