Trying out

After trying WordPress from, and using the x10Hosting, I really attracted by WordPress. That is why, now I am trying, because the PHP hosting is not good enough for my expectation.

I am still thinking about, which one is suitable for me, Blogger or WordPress.

Internet connection not good recently

I just want to inform, my place currently cannot connect internet smoothly. Therefore, it is hard for me to update the blog. And, for the visitors who request the drivers, I cannot send the drivers now… This need to wait until the ISP solve the “fiber optic” problem…

Even now, I also hard to check mail and surf net. Very disappointed.

Why do I create blog?

There are several reasons that I create blog. First reason is just because sometimes I feel boring. So, why don’t I write something?

Another reason is about a learning theory: Social constructivism. I don’t know how to describe the whole theory. But the concept of social constructivism gave me a great impression. That is, we construct knowledge through interaction, and the language is the medium of interaction.

Why I was impressed? This is related to my spiritual life. We know that Son of God is the Word of God. Therefore, we interact with God the Father through the Son. Even in this world, we also interact with each other through language, and then construct knowledge. How wonderful it is.

So, I write what I know in the blog. So, if anyone read, then they can know what I know. Besides that, blog is something like a combination of a website and a forum. We can post our idea, and interact with each other.

That is why I create blog.