SVN – programmers’ needs

Since my programming experience started from Microsoft Windows, SVN is a term I frequent see yet unfamiliar.

As a programmer, I need to backup my source code whenever I modified the existing source code. If I have any problem, I can restore to the runnable source code. Backing up the coding by using zip or others compression tools is not effective or effecient.

SVN can help to backup all the revisions of the source code. Not only that, it helps to solve the problem if a project involves several developers. Any conflicts of the coding will be detected. SVN can also be used individually.

Soul is important, yet do not neglect the body (software development)

I say this statement in the sense of software development. If a software application’s engine is a soul, then the user interface will be the body. You have a good engine, but without a good user interface, people will not use the engine that much, cause not everybody see the soul without looking at the body.

So, if the engine and the user interface is a soul, then packaging will be the body. Your software application has a graphical user interface with a good engine, but they are not packaged. However, package it, so that the user can install and uninstall easily, then, everything will be better.

So, I just used NSIS to make a setup file for Prayer Clock.