The followings are the programming languages and technologies I am familiar and favoured with.

Programming languages

C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, C# (using mono), Perl.

Web development technologies

Javascript, HTML, XmlHttpRequest (AJAX), CSS, Greasemonkey (userscript), MySQL, Apache.

Frameworks: TinyMCE, CodeIgniter, Blueprint, jQuery.

Serialization format



3D: FreeGLUT, Ogre, OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL.

Audio: Audiere, OpenALGStreamer.

Image: OpenCV, DevIL.

Others: GTK+, Expat, SDL, Boost, TinyXML.


GNU: bash, autoconf, automake, gcc (including MinGW/MSYS and Cygwin), gdb.

Windows: NSIS.

Debian-based: dpkg.

Arch Linux: PKGBUILD.

Previously used, but not favoured

Windows application development: DirectShow (replaced by GStreamer), Win32 API (replaced by GTK+), Visual C++ Express with Windows SDK (replaced by gcc).

3D: ARToolKit (replaced by OpenCV)

Web development: Joomla! (not developer oriented), CakePHP (replaced by CodeIgniter).

Programming language:
Prolog – Was using WIN-PROLOG, then replaced by SWI-Prolog due to the license, but not favoured with Prolog because it is not procedural programming language.
x86 assembly language – Useful for debugging and disassembling (reverse engineering), but not for the software application development, and it is system architecture specific.

Other areas of interest

Game development, usability engineering, reverse engineering, design, mathematics, statistics, linguistics, religious, Christianity, Catholicism, philosophy (especially ancient Chinese), Artificial Intelligence, music.

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