GMail HTML Basic Enhancement in Opera

I just found that Opera 10 can also use Greasemonkey script, but it is actually User JavaScript. Therefore, I tried to use GMail HTML Basic Enhancement. But failed. This is because one needs to enable User JavaScript on HTTPS protocol first.

To use the User JavaScript, first set the folder based on this article, and remember to restart.

Then, at the address bar enter “opera:config”, search for “User JavaScript on HTTPS”, enable it. Yeah!

Please note that not all Greasemonkey script is compatible. This is because Opera doesn’t use “unsafeWindow” but “window”, and some other differences.

GMail Basic HTML Enhancement 1.1 update

GMail Basic HTML Enhancement enhances the GMail Basic HTML with “select all” and “select none” feature.

I just updated GMail Basic HTML Greasemonkey script version 1.1. This is because previous version the script works only on Firefox, but not Google Chrome. Now, I managed to use another way to solve the problem, so that the script now can even works on Google Chrome.

My first Greasemonkey script

Finally, I wrote a Greasemonkey script. The script is target on a Chinese comic website. You can download the script here. I wrote the script because the links are not named in sequence. To offline read the comic, I would like to download the comic first. Then I can read the comic offline. After that, I can delete the comic.

But the name are not in sequence, I cannot download the comic using batch downloading. Thus, writing this script to produce the link, then from the link, I can download the comic with any download manager.

Before writing this script, actually I plan to wrote a comic download manager, target on any website. But suddenly I wonder why don’t I use javascript to generate the link.