Online game

These days, I try to play online game. The reason I play online game is because I like game hacking (memory editing to edit the game data). But I tried this before for online game, it is different from the offline game. Ordinary memory editing cannot modify the game data. And I searched for some information for online game cheating.

After I got the tools to edit online game, I need to download a free online game first. Suggested from my friend, MU Online is popular. However, after I installed, it has the cheat protection. Therefore, I continued to search for other online game. I played chinese online game before, so I searched for the free online chinese game again.

So, now I am playing ChunQiu Q Legend (tranlsated by me, actually is 春秋Q傳). Though it does not have any cheat protection like MU Online, I still cannot use the cheat tools to edit the game. So, lastly I give up online game cheating. And I continue to play the online game.

Currently, online game is very good (I personally feel it), because it has the anti-addiction system (防沉迷), so that the users cannot spend too much time to play the online game. For example, the ChunQiu I played, I can only spend 3 hours to play per day. After that, the system will tell me I am currently in the tired status, all the experiences the character gain will cut into half, it is meaningless to continue playing.

I like to focus in one game. So, the anti-addiction system is effective for me.

Free chinese online game:

Problem: svchost.exe crashed, lsass.exe high CPU usage, cannot play audio

Today, I got a great problem! First, svchost.exe crashed with the message “The exception unknown aoftware exception (0x0000409) occured in the application at location 0x5b86a3c0”. And this happened when I connected the internet. After the message, I found that my computer was slow down. Then I opened the task manager to see what happened. Then, I found that “lsass.exe” has high CPU usage. This was the problem.

So, I afraid that it was virus. Then I scanned for spyware and virus. But found nothing. So I searched for the solution from internet…

Furthermore, after the svchost.exe is crashed, I could not play any audio file.

The final solution is Windows Update. So, download KB291883, the problem is solved.

I suspect, it was caused by the remote code execution through internet, something like hacked. But this is only the suspicion.

IRC and ChatZilla

I never know that IRC is such powerful thing. I thought that, IRC is only for chatting, just like a chatroom. But I was wrong. Because, I just found that, if you found a correct IRC channel and server that you want, then you can chat and download shared files using CTCP (Client-to-client protocol). And even provide some information such as certain website, certain FTP with username and password, and else, which you cannot find through internet search engine (note: you cannot find them from search engine!!!).

So, for IRC tools, I used mIRC before. But, since I now primarily use Firefox, then ChatZilla is the one.


About the Creed, it is about what we (or I) believe. Therefore, inside Creed, there is about the Holy Trinity. Besides that, Creed can be separated into twelve parts.

In accordance with an ancient tradition, already attested to by St. Ambrose, it is also customary to reckon the articles of the Creed as twelve, thus symbolizing the fullness of the apostolic faith by the number of the apostles.
(Reference: Paragraph 191, Catechism of the Catholic Church)

To know more about Creed, you can study Catechism.

Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) plugin: Cannot open .mht file

Recently, I found that, I cannot open “.mht” file directly using Firefox. Previously, once I installed Mozilla Archive Format, there is no problem to open .mht file. But now, I just drag and drop a .mht file, it will pop up the “Open with…” dialog. Very incovenient. So I search for the solution from internet. However, I cannot find anything.

Lastly, I go to Mozilla Addons website to search any plugin that can edit MIME. Because I read the forum, they said it is because of the problem of MIME. So I found a plugin, MIME Edit. Yes, using the plugin, I can edit the file type for the Firefox. So, I change the “maf” (Mozilla Archive Format) related data, to “open using default application”. Then, problem solved.

Note: What is “.mht” format? Don’t know whether you know or not. When we are using IE to save a webpage, by default, the saved file will generate a folder which has the same name with the .htm file. And inside the folder, there are a lot of related files, such as image files and .js (javascript) files. So, when you save the file, you can change the file type to .mht file. The .mht file is the archive file of all the .htm, image files and .js files. And, just double click the .mht file, by default, it will be opened by IE. For me, it is very convenient to save the file as .mht, because it is light.

MSN Messenger trojan

Just read the news, there is new MSN Messenger trojan that is spreading now. Be aware of it.

The Trojan is an IRC bot that’s spreading through MSN Messenger by sending itself in a .zip file with two names. One of the names includes the word “pics” as a double extension executable—a name generally used by scanners and digital cameras: for example, DSC00432.jpg.exe. The Trojan is also contained in a .zip file with the name “images” as a .pif executable—for example, IMG34814.pif.
(Quoted from:,1759,2218894,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594)

Chance and fate

Some people believe that everything happened by chance according to the probability. Some people believe that everything is happened by fate. What do you believe?

If this world is only worked in probability, that means because by chance, “Big Bang” happened then the world is born.
If this world is only worked in probability, that means my parents were met by chance.
If this world is only worked in probability, that means because by chance, I was born.
If this world is only worked in probability, that means my mind existed because of chance, and all my life on earth is only happened because of probability.

Yes, probability is important. Because it is mathematic and logic. When there is higher probability, there will be higher chance, then it will happen. That is why, we study hard, because the harder we study, the higher probability we can answer the questions in the exam.

Though live in the world of probability, I believe that everything is still happened by fate, because I believe that this world has its Creator.

Just as the bible stories I liked: The Patriarch Joseph, who was betrayed and sold by his brothers, became the hope to save his household from famine; Queen Esther who became the queen of Persia was also the hope to save all the Jewish from the enemies.

However, though I believe that everything is happened by fate, I don’t believe that our decision is always worked according to fate. I mean, our decisions are not always according to His will.