Huawei E1552 on Ubuntu

I was using Huawei E220, a very old USB Modem. Yet, running on Ubuntu does not have any problem.

Then I tried the new Huawei E1552 on Windows. Nicer interface. Newer is better. But when I tried it on Ubuntu, yes, Huawei Mobile Partner icon is on the desktop. Can open it. But I cannot connect to internet.

So, in order to solve this problem, I tried to search from Internet. Right, I need USB_ModeSwitch to solve this problem. Reading the page, you will find a lot of steps need to follow.

Whatever they are, I just use Synaptic Package Manager, and install “usb-modeswitch”. Then plug in the Huawei USB Modem, yeah! Now can connect to Internet even using Ubuntu. No command-line needed. Easy.

Huawei Mobile Broadband, Ubuntu 10.04, Celcom service, and HP Mini netbook

Huawei Mobile Broadband, which I bought about 2 years ago, is failed to run properly on my HP Mini 1000 series with Ubuntu 10.04. It will keep trying to connect to internet, yet failed. And I also found a “MOBILE_CONNECT” icon on the desktop. If I tried to click it, it will immediately missing.

So, to solve this problem,

  1. I right-click the NetworkManager Applet,
  2. Edit Connections…
  3. Goto Mobile Broadband tab
  4. Click Add button
  5. Then it will show the Huawei broadband device
  6. Continue the steps for my service provider, which is Celcom
  7. Can connect to internet properly.

I do this whenever I cannot connect to internet properly using the Huawei Mobile Broadband.