Suikoden II review

Just finish an old game, Suikoden II. Easy to play. The story is good, with good ending. Though there are 4 kinds of ending, but still has a best ending. All the main characters survived at the end. Besides that, there are 108 stars (characters) can be recruited. And you can switch anyone you like in the game.

An old game doesn’t have 3D objects and beautiful scenes, but if the story is good, even it is old, it is valuable to be played.

Devil May Cry 4 review

Recently, I played Devil May Cry 4 PC version. This is very nice, because Devil May Cry 4 not only released in PS3, but also XBox 360 and PC version. This is cross-platform. Hope that all the games in future will target cross-platform.

I seldom play the action game. And this is the first time playing DMC, never played the series before. Firstly, found that it is quite difficult, because the game system uses “Proud Soul” to equip new moves. And earning “Proud Soul” is quite difficult. Because I played RPG game, thought that secrets are the important part of the game. So, I tried to play DMC by following the walkthrough. And this makes the game become boring. Because secrets are few, and wasting time to look for the secret items causes the final score of the mission decreased. Finally, just play to finish the mission. Then, I earned a lot of “Proud Soul” in every mission. This should be the correct way to play DMC4.

Besides that, though there are several modes with different level of difficulties, the story, i think is same. (Because I only finished “human” mode). But, nicely, the “Proud Soul” and all the items are shared, that means, whatever mode you play, they share same resources. Besides that, like most of the games, unlocking the secrets are the most interesting part. There are many modes wait to be unlocked.

About the graphics, I can only say: “Amazing!”.

Overall, it is a very nice game~

Translation difference between Studium Biblicum and English bible

Last Sunday, the Gospel described about two brothers, first one rejected to work, but later went to work. And the second one, accepted to work, but later did not go to work. This is English version. And you can refer it here (Mt 21:28-32).

But if you were attending the Chinese mass, the Gospel described the two brothers in reverse order. The Chinese version (Studium Biblicum) states that the first one accepted to work, but didn’t go to work, and the second one rejected to work, but later went to work. You can refer it here.

Is the sequence important?

midomo: song search engine

I found a search engine from Gizmo, it is midomi.

I tried it by humming the melody of “Big Big World”, it works. Really nice. You can search a song by humming the melody. That is good. If you know a song’s melody, but don’t know the artist and the song title, then you can search by humming.

I wonder how is the searching algorithm of the website. Very interesting.