Thanksgiving prayer and a grateful heart

In my opinion, thanksgiving prayer is very important. We know that God is Almighty. He can make what is impossible for man, to become possible. God is beyond the time and space. Therefore, everything is possible to Him.

We can pray to God and ask for the things for the future, why can’t we thank to God for what He had done on us before? Maybe, what we receive now, is because of the prayer of thanksgiving tomorrow.

Therefore, we should have a grateful heart to God always.

Angels’ names

Once, I wondered, why and how do we know the angels’ names. Because I think, why do angels’ speak Hebrew? Or the names like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are named by human beings?

Finally, I know the answer after I read the sermon of Pope St Gregory the Great (here). The names are revealed to the human beings because of the meaning of each name. The names were known in Hebrew, but the meaning of each name is universal.


I read a news. Here.

We never know the name of God in this life, since He is mysterious. Whatever we call Him, “God”, “Lord”, “天主”, “上帝”, “上主”, “Yahweh”, “Jehovah”, “雅威”, “耶和華”, “Al Shaddai”, “Almighty God”, “全能的天主”, “神”, etc., He is still the same God.

Though each of us might describe Him differently, that doesn’t mean He is different. For example, there is a person A, we don’t know his name. And Jack knows A, Jack says A is a good man. And John also knows A, John doesn’t say that A is good, but A is kind and friendly. And James said A is not good. Though they describe A differently, A is still A.

Then how do we know this God is the same God? [In my opinion,] since we acknowledge that He is the supreme being, who created the heaven and earth, and the Creator is the God we know.

My father’s condition

75th day (5/6/2008)
Finally, my father is discharged from hospital.

70th day (31/5/2008)
The nasogastric tube (feeding tube) is taken away.

68th day( 29/5/2008)
Doctor said that my father no more MRSA again.

66th day (27/5/2008)
Physiotherapist said that, he cannot use the walking frame yet. His hands are not strong enough now.

64th day (25/5/2008)
Can sit more steady than before. The doctors said that, MRSA still there. Need to continue observing.
He cannot swallow the solid food, even the porridge.

61st day (22/5/2008)
His voice is clearer. Then we can communicate with him. And we found that his memory has some problem. He cannot remember anything about the accident, cannot remember that we told him what happened to our mother. There are a lot of things he cannot remember clearly.
Doctors said that there is no MRSA. But he is still in the isolation room.

59th day(20/5/2008)
The trachy tube is removed. He can produce some voice.

57th day (18/5/2008)
A lot of sign language. We cannot guess what he was saying.

56th day (17/5/2008)
Less secretion.

55th day (16/5/2008)
When he was coughing, asked him whether want to sit or not, he could respond. His mind is more conscious.

54th day (15/5/2008)
There is nothing special today. The condition remain.

53rd day (14/5/2008)
Can cough out the secretion to the feet.

52nd day (13/5/2008)
Trach tube haven’t covered. My sister put him on the lazy chair. This is the first time he can sit for so long.

51st day (12/5/2008)
Doctors said that, try to cover the trach tube tomorrow.

50th day (11/5/2008)
Secretion is sticky, and need frequent suction.

49th day (10/5/2008)
The secretion becomes less.

48th day (9/5/2008)
The doctors are trying to let my father breathe without wall-oxygen.

47th day (8/5/2008)
My father was moved to “isolation ward”, because of MRSA. He looks sleepy for the whole day. Just similar to the days before he got pneumonia. Hopefully he will not get pneumonia again.

46th day (7/5/2008)
My auntie and uncle (姨姨和姨丈) come to see my father. He smiled to them. When my brother waved hand to him, he will also waved back. Even the doctor said that he obeyed command this morning. But, today, the doctor also informed that, they found that the secretion several days before contained MRSA. They took the secretion for the examination again. So, we were warned to wash the hand before and after visiting my father, even the visitors are required to do so.

45th day (6/5/2008)
Still not obey the command. But his lung got improvement. Can cough out the secretion further.

44th day (5/5/2008)
Though my father is awaken, he does not obey command. Even the doctor ask him to grab the hand, he does not obey.

43rd day (4/5/2008)
After the accident, my father was sent to ICU. Then, he was sent to male surgical ward. And the condition became better and better. Suddenly, he got pneumonia, unconscious, lung collapsed. And he was sent back to ICU again. After that, discharged from ICU and go to male surgical ward again. And condition became better again. However, suddenly blood sugar drop and got fever and unconscious. Now, the condition is stable. He can open his eyes. But we call him, he does not respond.